Feature Codes

All places in the Places API are categorized into one out of 9 feature classes (represented by letters) and further subcategorized into one out of 680 feature codes.

V: Forest,heath,...
Code Short Description Full Description
BUSH Bush(es) A small clump of conspicuous bushes in an otherwise bare area
CULT Cultivated area An area under cultivation
FRST Forest(s) An area dominated by tree vegetation
FRSTF Fossilized forest A forest fossilized by geologic processes and now exposed at the earth's surface
GROVE Grove A small wooded area or collection of trees growing closely together, occurring naturally or deliberately planted
GRSLD Grassland An area dominated by grass vegetation
GRVC Coconut grove A planting of coconut trees
GRVO Olive grove A planting of olive trees
GRVP Palm grove A planting of palm trees
GRVPN Pine grove A planting of pine trees
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